Team Evergreen Co-Sponsorship

Pedal Racing is proud to announce that we have reached a reciprocal sponsorship agreement with Team Evergreen. If you’ve not heard about this terrific organization, note the following:

  • Largest bike club in the state with nearly 800 members
  • Presenters of the Triple Bypass and Mount Evans Hill Climb
  • 2-3 led rides offered each week (mountain and road)
  • Spring picnic and Oktoberfest free to members with rides, food, beer and prizes
  • Swanky dinner and gifts for ride leaders
  • Non-profit that has given over $1.5 million in the past decade to charity
  • Monthly Happy Hours on the last Wednesday of the month 6:00pm– various locations- this time Barrels and Bottles in Golden

Our agreement allows us to join their organization for no membership fee, and vice versa. While we are already a relatively large racing team in total, we primarily pursued this relationship to hopefully, eventually increase our representation in various age / gender / discipline categories where we have little or no racers.

Growth in our membership can also improve the quantity and price of our sponsorships, traffic at our beloved sponsor’s wonderful store, and increase the number of great relationships we tend to develop with our racing comrades.

To Join

Go To  –  Team Evergreen

In the upper left hit create new account and enter in your information. Once you’ve completed that step, email Jennifer from Team Evergreen and let her know you are a member of Pedal and that you have created a new account. A new account will be created, no charge. Her email address is

Recruit TE members to pedal Racing

After joining Team Evergreen (TE), you can help us recruit interested TE members to the racing team by simply attending their group rides in your pedal kit and answering any questions you get about our racing beginner friendly team. Better still, consider becoming a TE ride leader (their rides feature multiple leaders). Note that free, guaranteed entry into the Triple or Bob Cook Mt. Evans Hill Climb are among benefits of being an active ride leader! 

Other Benefits

This co-sponsorship also entitles us to a discounted ($100) entry into the Sunday edition of the Triple assuming you are willing to be a ride ambassador. A ride ambassador wears a special sash (over their pedal kit, of course) and assists any riders they may see in need. Simply use the code RMP10NRT for the discount when entering and let me know (via a reply) so that we can set you up as an ambassador. Act soon before the east bound / Sunday ride sells out!


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