pR Branded Gear

Order pedal RACING Branded items from the selections below.  All products below are stored and sold through Amazon. You will need an Amazon account to order items. If you do not want to get an account, but want the item, contact us and we can work something out.  Size charts are on each item description (and shirt sizing is also below).



**Just a reminder, the t-shirts listed in the store do not qualify as the pedal RACING team kit or the pedal CLUB jersey for fulfillment of the annual requirements.  If you are looking for the pedal RACING/pedal CLUB Pactimo store to purchase your kit or accessories, please click on the Team Store link.  If you aren’t a registered member with an active account you will not be able to view or access the Pactimo Team Only Store.  If you are here to pre-order or purchase any of the pedal RACING branded gear we have available then please, fill up your cart!


t-Shirt Size Chart [ANVIL 980]