Sponsor Spotlight – Carrie Bohlmann – Body Heal Thyself Massage Therapy

Name: Carrie Bohlmann – Body Heal Thyself Massage Therapy

Please tell us about you (business, family, hobbies, anything you’d like to share with the team). I believe the body can heal itself, it just needs a little help. That’s where I come in! I am self employed, working in LoHI at a Pilates Studio, and the Sante Fe Arts District at Cross Fit DeCo where I also work out. I love Cross Fit, my Bassett Hounds, Essential Oils, movies, reading, going for walks, camping and chocolate.

What do you love about what you do? I love making a difference in peoples day and lives. I love that people walk out feeling better once they’ve been on my table. I love playing mad scientist with essential oils. I love being one on one with people. I love that people tell me things that they couldn’t tell anyone else. I love it all! Except washing sheets. 🙂

What does sponsoring the team mean to you? It’s fun to be a part of something that others are so invested in. It’s important for racers to take good care of your bodies and I love being able to help with that. I’d hate for an injury to take you out, when maybe it could’ve been avoided. I want to make it easier for you all to enjoy your passion with less injury and dreaded time off, by offering you affordable massages to keep you moving, or recovering faster.

Please discuss/describe one of your products or services that we should highlight to our members and readers of our FB, Twitter, and website. My “Get those knots out” 60, 90 or 120 minute massage consists of a variety of modalities depending on what you need that day. Intuitively blending Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, stretching and more, we’ll get your body moving, increasing range of motion, releasing impingements, allowing for better flexibility. We can do this as a pre race warm up massage, post race recovery or in between race maintenance.

In addition to the shout outs on FB and hashtags on Twitter, how can pedalRACING members help promote your business?  Pass my cards along please. And positive reviews on Google and Yelp are very helpful to me. http://bit.ly/gglrevw (google) http://bit.ly/yelprevw (yelp) Thank you!!

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