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Name: Kate Bennett, PsyD // Athlete Insight

Please tell us about you (business, family, hobbies, anything you’d like to share with the team). I am living the dream: Splitting time between my business, family, and play. When I am “playing,” you will most likely catch me working out or riding my mountain bike. I live for the moment and intentionally connect with my values on a daily basis. I challenge myself regularly to embody all that I support as a Clinical Sport Psychologist.

What do you love about what you do? I work with a population of highly motivated people–my job is to empower athletes to thrive in life and sport. Sport poses countless challenges and adversity. Watching athletes tackle difficulties and grow through the process is truly a gift.

What does sponsoring the team mean to you? I am able to connect with a sport that I love (cycling) within my own community.

Please discuss/describe one of your products or services that we should highlight to our members and readers of our FB, Twitter, and website. Mental Skills Training: Geared towards performance, mental skills training focuses on building confidence and resiliency through traditional sport psychology skills such as goal setting, visualization, self-talk, and pain tolerance. A typical skills training package is 8-10 sessions but varies based on individual need.

In addition to the shout outs on FB and hashtags on Twitter, how can pedal RACING members help promote your business? After attending the mental skills workshop in March, pR members could speak more specifically about what they gained from the workshop/how they apply it to cycling with friends/family/other pR members.


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