Road Race Season Kick Off

The Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado (BRAC) road season will again kick off the racing season in Fort Collins with the FrostBite Time Trial on March 7th. Hundreds of racers will roll the dice with the weather to see who has the best early season legs. Check out event flyer at;

The following weekend is the Oredigger Classic- Lookout Mtn Time Trial on Saturday and the Oredigger Classic- Criterium on Sunday. This time trial up Lookout Mountain is one I recommend – especially for new racers. It’s a 4-mile individual time trial to the top of famous Lookout Mountain. In an indvidual time trial each racer is given their own start time. So for you new racers, it’s a good chance to race without the intimidation of a mass start. For all racers, it’s also a good way to set a benchmark for the early race season. Later in the year, you can compare your race time and measure your fitness gains. Just don’t make the mistake of arriving late to the start line like I did on my first time trial. After a good warm-up, plan on arriving at the starting line a good 5 minutes before your scheduled start time.

If you never raced in a criterium or seen one live, I’d recommend watching one live before participating in your first criterium. The Oredigger criterium on Sunday would be a good chance to watch as a spectator. It’s a 1.8-km course in Golden around the Colorado School of Mines in Golden. Then you’ll be ready to race in our first supported race, the Louisville Crit on April 4th.

Keep checking the BRAC website ( as they are now starting to add links to event flyers with race details. This information will help you decide which races to participate in. Some consideration might be; do they a race for my age group in the category I’m racing in, what’s the start time of my race, or will neutral support be provided.

Personally, on most races, I like to wait until the week of the race before signing up. By then I have a pretty good idea about the weather conditions. The online registration deadline for weekend races is usually Thursdays by midnight. Registering online usually saves about $5.00 off the registration fee.

Keep up the training – the season is just around the corner.

Dan Stoddard, Road Team Coordinator


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