pR Rider Spotlight – David Trotter

Name: David Trotter

Hometown: I’ve been everywhere man…

Current Home: Roxborough Park

Discipline: Mountain

When did you join pedal? Summer 2015

How long have you been riding and racing? Riding 6 years, racing 3.

What have you done to add value for our sponsors recently? How did you do it? Recommend Pedal bike shop to users on social media.

What sponsor cant you live without, and what product or service of theirs do you like/need so much?pedal ( Pedal always stocks the odd, small, inexpensive and probably low profit margin components that I seem to break or need at the most urgent times (seat post clamp bolt, steerer tube compression plug, one single pawl, one single chainring bolt, fork crown race, headset bearing, etc.). Lots of shops don’t bother carrying a lot of these things but Pedal does and that has kept me on my bike without having to wait for mail orders on numerous occasions.

Favorite motivational quote/saying? It’s just a hill, get over it.

Best race or ride experience or highlight? Flying down a closed off Apex trail during the Golden Giddyup.

What are your goals or what are you looking forward to in 2017? Looking forward to the Gunnison Half Growler and the Silver Rush 50. My goals are to continue having a great time on my bike and to join a trail advocacy group that can help improve the trails for mountain bikers in the JeffCo area.

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