pedal RACING Decal Pre-Order Open

That’s it, we have finally arrived as a team.

We have decals!!!

We have opened up the pR Branded Store for decal Pre-Orders.  We shouldn’t have any issues meeting the minimums since there are several members who have been asking for them for months.

Below are the stickers/decals, their approximate sizes and prices.  They can be found in the pR store as well.

Please select as many items as you want.  We will process the order and notify everyone when they are ready.  We are expecting a couple weeks for turnaround.

Since they are small and flat we think it should be pretty quick to ship them out once they’re in – if you want yours mailed, please make sure your address is correct at checkout and select the shipping option (it’s a small additional charge).  If you are ordering multiple items then ONLY select shipping for the largest item – we’ll ship together for 1 price.  If not then you will need to coordinate a time to pick them up.

The decals are durable all-weather adhesive-backed vinyl from a local shop and can be applied to just about any clean and smooth surface.  The large and small team decals are sold individually and the pedal and name decals are sold in pairs.

The team recommends using your first initial and last name for the name decals (i.e. “H Holmes”) because that’s “much more pro” but ultimately they go on your bike so you can choose whatever you want it to say.  Whatever you decide, try and keep it around 8 characters total since that’s the average the printer quoted.

Please contact us if you have any questions.  If for some reason we don’t meet the minimums then we will notify everyone and refund the money immediately.


Represent with this 12.5" W X 8" H vinyl decal.
Price(USD): $8.00



Represent with this 4" W X 2.5" H vinyl decal.
Price(USD): $4.00



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Sold as a pair.
Price(USD): $4.00



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