pedal CLUB information

Welcome to the CLUB! If you want to join with other intermediate to advanced cyclists for training and social group rides, or if you are uncertain about racing but still want access to pedal RACING’s clinics and group rides led by members of the pedal RACING team, we suggest joining pedal CLUB.

CLUB Benefits

pedal CLUB provides many terrific cycling and social opportunities, as well as many of the same benefits of the race team, but without the racing commitments.  You can also stay a member of the CLUB as long as you’d like without any pressure to join the race team.

  • Organized rides, camaraderie, friendship. Rides are graded for difficulty with most harder rides led by team members
  • Access to cycling and racing clinics
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • If desired, you can get assistance registering for your first race (try it before joining the team!)
  • Social events and celebrations with CLUB and RACING team

CLUB Requirements

While the CLUB is designed with fewer requirements than the race team, we do have requirements to make the CLUB fun and to foster camaraderie.

  • All pedal CLUB members are expected to conduct themselves in a safe, lawful, and conscientious manner while training and racing and to be a positive reflection of pedal Bicycle Shop and all pedal CLUB sponsors.
  • Every member of pedal CLUB is encouraged to participate actively within the CLUB in order to contribute to pedal CLUB’s mission and goals by supporting and participating in CLUB and team events, volunteering, and training.
  • pedal CLUB membership is FREE.
  • Members are encouraged to purchase a pedal CLUB jersey to reflect CLUB membership. You can purchase your jersey from pedal bike shop in Littleton.

If you’d like to join the CLUB, click here.