MTB Clinic Schedule

We finally have the MTB clinics finalized.



Nutrition – Presented by Kathy at Fastlab (This clinic will be helpful for both road and mountain)

  • Pre-race nutrition
  • During race nutrition
  • 8 hour race vs. 2 hour race
  • Post-race nutrition


MARCH 14th 9;00 AM Pedal bike shop 

Backcountry MTB Fixes and MTB Maintenance – Presented by Bill Nagel

  • Basics of the bike
    1. QR’s and taking wheels off
    2. Shifting, cross chaining, under load, soft pedal
    3. Breaking basics
  • Changing a flat
    1. The Nagel method
    2. What caused the flat? 6 ideas
    3. Presta vs. Schrader
    4. Install process
    5. Seating the tire
    6. Proper pressure
    7. What size tube and where to find it
  • Maintaining your bike
    1. Types of lube wet vs. dry
    2. Where to lube and how to lube the bike
    3. How to clean your bike, including drive train
  • Emergency backcountry fixes
    1. Ripped sidewall
    2. Derailleur adjustments




MAY 2nd Session 1- Basic Bike Skills

Location – Lions Park, Golden, CO

Time – 9;00 am to noon

This lesson primary focus is to provide the rider with techniques a rider can use to improve basic handling skills. In order to go fast a person must first know how to control their bike at slow speeds. Then we hit the trail and start to apply those skills.

Focus Points:

  • Bike Balance- understanding tipping points on bike (endow, wheeling, side to side) Learn correct body position, balance and weight placement for climbing and descending.
  • Slow Speed Skills- Using track standing and balance to negotiate tricky sections
  • Trail Awareness: How to look ahead correctly, see the trail, and anticipate. We will teach you where and how to look ahead and show how this effects your riding and improves balance and flow.

TBD Session 2- Intermediate trail skills

Location- Valmont Bike Park, Boulder

Time – 9:00am to noon

This lesson focus is application of slow speed skills in order ride water bars, rock gardens, and other sections that you cannot carry speed into.

Focus Points-

  • Abbreviated balance work – quick refresher on bike tipping points (wheelies, endos etc.).
  • Reading the Trail – Continued focus on looking ahead and anticipating what needs to be done (gearing, speed, line, ect).
  • Sizing up drop offs/step-ups – Position on bike, speed, and confidence building when approaching.
  • Climbing obstacles – using the balance to climb smoothly over water bars, rocks etc.

JUNE 28th  Session 3- Advanced skills

Location- Enchanted/Apex

This lesson focus is on downhill skills.

Focus points:

  • Abbreviated balance work – quick refresher on bike tipping points (wheelies, endos etc.)
  • Carrying speed – braking and cornering.
  • Reading the trail- practice on looking ahead and line selection.
  • Cornering- position and bike angle.

JULY 12TH Session 4- Putting it all together

Location- Walker Ranch/North Table.

This lesson primary focus is to apply all the skills into one ride and work individually with each rider on sections identified as trouble areas.

Focus points-

  • Technique –climbing
  • Line selection
  • Reading the trail
  • Carrying speed through the corners.
  • How to recover on a downhill.
  • How to measure your effort climbing.

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