Katie’s Win



From Chip: Katie Trotter won her first ever MTB race at Ridgeline! Some are born racers. Here is the write-up I asked her to submit…

Going into the Ridgeline Rampage I was mainly hoping to stay somewhat dry and to complete my race without stopping.  It was my first mountain bike race and I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I knew before the race that I enjoyed the riding part of mountain biking, but wasn’t completely convinced about racing yet. In hindsight, this was a great race for me to start with.  The atmosphere at the event was casual but the race itself was competitive.  I had a big advantage because I rode the trail a few weekends before with the Pedal mountain bike team.  This was so helpful as I could remember the places that I would need to make quick adjustments to my gear or speed.  Ridgeline is much different than many trails in the front range which have a long climb followed by a long descent.  It has lots of smaller climbs and descents, fast turns, and even some flat areas.

My goal for the race quickly changed when I realized that I was within striking distance of another racer who had the same age group written on her calf.  After chasing her for the first 3/4 of the race, I finally passed her.  I knew I couldn’t let up at all knowing it would be even more difficult to pass her a second time.  This extra motivation made me ride so much faster than I would have otherwise…and also convinced me that racing is pretty cool too. I can’t wait until my next race!


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