Here’s a secret Pactimo Coupon!

Every once in awhile we’re able to get some great deals from our sponsors… and we just got a doozie from our main apparel sponsor, Pactimo.

Pactimo has been our apparel sponsor from the beginning and the consensus from the team is that their stuff rocks. We love that we get to sport our colors on custom jerseys, bibs and accessories. It’s fun to ride in a big group all wearing the pedal RACING designs…

But what about those times when all of your gear is in the wash? Darrell recently reminded us that it’s sad to have to put on our “old cheap stuff”. And it is.

What if you didn’t have to put on that old cheap stuff but instead could wear new cheap stuff? And by “cheap” we mean inexpensive. And by “stuff” we mean the awesome clothing that we’ve come to love, know fits us and trust.

That’s where this discount comes in. We got our hands on a sweet 30% coupon code!! (obviously this only applies to standard Pactimo apparel and not our custom pedal RACING gear from the team store)

As of today (1/25/17) this code applies a 30% discount on your entire shopping cart. On. Every. Item. I even tested it with clearance gear and it applied another 30% off! Wow. [Note however that I didn’t complete the purchase and I’m not sure if the code would get rejected at confirmation – but it’s worth trying!]

The discount code is “30PAC” – you need to get over there and find some great stuff before I buy it all. Happy Shopping!

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