Contribute to Science, test your VO2, and learn your Bone Density

We have been approached by a researcher, Toby Wellington, at the University of Colorado Denver Med School. Toby works for the IMAGE research group at the University of Colorado Denver – Anschutz Medical Campus, and is conducting a clinical research study exploring the effects of high intensity exercise on bone density in young male cyclists (18-45 years old) and is currently looking for volunteers to participate in this research study!

The results of this study will help find out why some adults who exercise a lot sometimes have low bone density. They feel the research will provide valuable insight into the dynamics of bone metabolism and exercise in cyclists and they think it will be beneficial for cyclists in the near term (VO2 testing, bone density testing) as well as in the future (better recommendations for bone health).

The study consists of 4 study visits, which most study participants complete in about 8 weeks.

The time commitment for the visits is as follows. Some compensation will be available for the longer visits (3 and 4).

  • Visit 1: ~2 hours
  • Visit 2: ~1 hour
  • Visit 3: ~7 hours
  • Visit 4: ~7 hours

If you have additional questions or are intereseted in participating, please contact Toby directly at: 720-848-6376 or

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