Annual Clinics


Nutrition – Presented by Kathy at Fastlab (This clinic will be helpful for both road and mountain)

Backcountry MTB Fixes and MTB Maintenance – Presented by Bill Nagel


(see Road Clinic Post for more info)

Racing 101 – Indoor Lecture (preceding group ride, weather permitting) – definitions/lingo, what to expect on race day, leg shaving, road rash treatment, etc.

Group riding – Chatfield (replace group ride) – Pace lining/Echelons/Lead-out

Training – Indoor lecture (preceding group ride weather permitting) – Season Planning/Training/Nutrition/Tapering all High-Level (Shared clinic with MTB)

Racing 201 – Indoor lecture (preceding group ride weather permitting) – warm-up, drafting, where to be, what to look for, pace lines, echelons, etc., plus race related bike prep and maintenance

Hill Climbing and Descending – (replace group ride) – Posture/Pacing/Handling – Lookout Mountain

Time Trail Prep – Cherry Creek (replace group ride) – Bike setup/Cadence/Posture/Pacing

Criterium Prep – Inverness (replace group ride) – Handling/Bumping/Strategy

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