2015 pedal RACING Team Bio Page & Slideshow – Part 1

One of the reasons that I joined a race team, and specifically pedal RACING, is because I like riding with and meeting people who are talented and better than me.  Riding with a lot of people who are much better than you makes you (and keeps you) humble.  It also pushes you to get better.  The great thing about our team is that we’re all amateur riders (for the most part) and all of us have lives outside of cycling – which means we also have talents outside of cycling.  We are super lucky to have such talented people on the team who have interests in many different areas.  It makes us all better, keeps us all humble and collectively it makes us a much better team.  We have some “mad skills” on this team and it makes the team as a whole look incredible.  I want to thank everyone for being so great.

One insanely talented person on the team is Jon Becker.  It was a privilege to work with Jon today taking 32 different team member’s photos at the [partial] team kit pickup at the shop.  It was a humbling experience and it once again taught me that just having the right tools doesn’t make you good at something.  I have all the gear but the end product wouldn’t have looked 1/4 as good as what we got.  I will happily put my camera away and let Jon work his magic any day.  Please check out the team bio page that Jon continues to keep current and enjoy the slideshow below.  You can view the slideshow in full screen by clicking the button in the bottom right corner.  If you would like to download any of the photos (for FREE of course) please just click in the upper right corner of the slideshow where it says “Download OR Get Prints”.

These photos are hosted on another site that I run – mykickpics.com – once you find the photo(s) that you want just right click on it and select “download”.  You have the option to purchase prints of the photos (at cost) if you want but you don’t have to obviously.  There’s also a Download option on the right column of the Kick Pics page but it’s much faster to just right click on the image you want.  Please download a copy of your photo and feel free to use it on your Facebook, Twitter, Strava or any other profile photo you want (it was suggested that this would make a great photo for LinkedIn – I just might do that!).

Once the final orders come in from Pactimo expect that we’ll host another photo session at that time so we can all hopefully get an professional photo in your kit and we can update everyone’s Bio photos.  Watch for each discipline (Road, Moutain, Cross & CLUB) to organize group photos in the coming weeks/months once we all get our kits.

Keep rocking everyone!  And thanks again to Jon for sharing his talents with the team.

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