pR Branded t-Shirts for Sale

pR_Shirt_MockupMiss the pre-order? You can still get your tee!

You didn’t get a chance to order a shirt during the t-shirt presale?!?  We thought that might happen so we ordered many extras.  The pR Branded Store is still open! You can either order a shirt from the site, get one from the shop (Bill ordered several shirts for the store that he’s offering for sale there) or you can contact me (Heath) to arrange for a time you can purchase a shirt – or several.

If you order a shirt online please just pay for it and add a message to the checkout with your address and I will try and drop them off (if it’s within a reasonable distance from the shop) or we can arrange a meet.  Either way, we’ll get them to you.

Don’t forget that we offer quantity discounts still so check out our previous post for the discount codes.

Thanks everyone for making pedal RACING one of the best looking teams around!

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